A 10-Point Checklist for Common Crawl Space Building Codes

It would be a mistake to spend the time, money, and effort to rehabilitate your crawl space, only to find out afterwards that the work you did isn’t even up to code.  Code is complicated for many reasons including but not limited to:  finding which codes are applicable to your project and interpreting code the same way as your local inspector.  Determining local code is difficult because there is the overarching International Residential Code (IRC) that acts as a baseline for proper building code requirements, but there are also local building codes that may differ from the national requirements. 

Interpreting code is not always straightforward either.  I was in a meeting not long ago with code officials representing different jurisdictions in my home state and as we were discussing one particular sentence of code, it became clear that all three officials had a different interpretation of the same sentence.  Talk about an uphill battle! 

So, in this post we’ve at least centralized the code requirements, and we’ve also provided a few additional best practices we thought might make your project research a little easier.  Of course, we have to disclaim that it is always prudent to check with your local regulatory department before proceeding with your project, just to make sure you are in compliance with all the unique code requirements of your area.  Without further ado:

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