Stego® Accessory Line Gets New Look

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Stego Industries, LLC, the construction industry leader in below-slab barrier solutions, announced Monday updates to its innovative line of sealing accessories for its flagship line of STEGO® WRAP vapor barriers and retarders.

Notably, Stego has enhanced the color and markings on two specific installation accessories:

  • STEGO® CRETE CLAW® TAPE (6” and 3” rolls) – Stego’s patented perimeter sealing solution now comes in black, with the product logo printed directly onto the material throughout each roll and on the interior roll core. The black color allows installers to differentiate their perimeter seal from red STEGO® TAPE used along the seams of their vapor barrier installation.

  • STEGO® TERM BAR – Stego’s..

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Stego® Introduces 20-Ounce Sausage Tube for Stego Mastic

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Stego Industries, LLC released its newest installation accessory Friday, the STEGO MASTIC 20-OUNCE SAUSAGE TUBE, delivering another innovation to the concrete construction industry to seal their building foundations from the harmful effects of the below-slab environment.

Stego Mastic Sausage Tubes are ideal for vapor barrier repairs and smaller installations, sealing penetrations that may not require a full pail of Stego Mastic, which is currently sold in two and five-gallon pails. The new sausage tubes increase yield and reduce waste. The empty tubes can also be recycled.

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