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Pango® Wrap

Termite/Vapor Barrier

USES: Pango Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier is used as a physical barrier against termites and water vapor.

COMPOSITION: Pango Wrap is a multi-layered plastic extrusion that combines uniquely designed materials with only high grade prime, virgin, polyolefin resins.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Pango Wrap can be used in systems for the control of subterranean termites and soil gases. The use of Pango Wrap may allow for the reduced use of pesticides and soil poisons for new construction.

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Pango Wrap comes from the creators of Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier, the most widely-specified below-slab vapor barrier in North America*. Unlike chemical sprays that do nothing to prevent other contaminants from entering the building, Pango Wrap is a high-performance vapor barrier as well as a termite defense barrier. Combining these two solutions in one product saves time and labor costs during construction.

Pango Wrap is made from game-changing resin technology and provides high performance and longevity. Alternatively, chemical spray solutions must be re-applied to have a chance of being effective long-term against aggressive, subterranean termites. Such termiticides are known to dissipate in effectiveness over time. Pango Wrap provides a long-term solution and may allow builders to greatly reduce or eliminate the use of chemical termiticides for below-slab termite control.

Subterranean termites cause billions of dollars in building damage annually. Experts estimate that termites damage more than 600,000 homes in the United States each year:

Not only does Pango Wrap provide a barrier that protects your home against unwanted pests, it prevents moisture vapor from causing damage to building components, and greatly impedes the influx of soil gases like radon and methane.

Green construction codes such as the National Green Building Standard (NGBS or ICC 700) are moving the market towards more sustainable protection methods for termite control. Pango Wrap provides a sustainable and effective solution for the market.

Pango Wrap is Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified. Four points can be earned for the NGBS under Termite Barrier (602.1.5) where a continuous physical foundation termite barrier with low toxicity and no chemical treatments are installed in geographical areas with subterranean termite infestation potential. Pango Wrap is Safe for the Environment.**

Typically, a generic 6 mil polyethylene has been used as the below-slab vapor retarder because it meets the building code minimums. Unfortunately, in the case of below-slab moisture protection, the building code is grossly inadequate to prevent moisture and soil gas issues. Not only do generic, highly recycled polyethylene products rip and tear during installation, they are also known to degrade over time leaving your building with little or no protection.

As with any protection system, the installation of Pango Wrap is critical to the system's effectiveness. Pango Wrap and Pango accessories make it easy to complete a successful installation.

Independent, university testing proved the effectiveness of Pango Wrap as a barrier against Formosan termites, the most aggressive subterranean species. During the testing, termites destroyed the generic polyethylene control, while Pango Wrap provided a "100% protection" barrier for the wood food source under extremely heavy termite pressure. For more information on our independent testing, please contact Stego Industries' Technical Department.

*Stego Industries, LLC is the exclusive Representative for all products, including Pango® Wrap and accessory products owned by Stego Technology, LLC, a wholly independent company from Stego Industries, LLC. Pango, the pangolin logo, and Pango Claw are deemed to be registered and/or protectable trademarks of Stego Technology, LLC. © 2017 Stego Industries, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Installation, Warranty and State Approval Information: www.stegoindustries.com/legal.

**Stego-defined terms defined at www.stegoindustries.com/legal

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Stego has the accessories you need to complete an ASTM E1643-compliant installation. Stego Tape, Stego Mastic, Stego Crete Claw Tape and StegoTack Tape enable efficient vapor barrier installations, saving time and resources.


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