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  • Your Current or Next Project - A Stego representative can provide under-slab methodologies and other support.
  • Product Choices - From the comfort of your own home or office, see product options to fit any application.
  • Installation Options - Evaluate the cost and benefit of different installation practices to determine what is best for your specific details.
  • Personalized Training - Get the latest product training for your team and crew.
  • How to Buy - Stego offers a number of ways to get the products and solutions you need.

Take your project to a whole new level by utilizing our Stego Installation Support program. We'll touch every step of the construction process – from design all the way to final installation.

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Stego Offers Free Seminars: In Person and Webinar
On a Variety of Industry Specific Topics

You’ll learn the most up-to-date information for meeting industry benchmarks (per ASTM standards and ACI guides) so you can provide your clients with the criteria necessary to protect their building from moisture-related issues.

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