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When you specify Stego Barrier Solutions and products, you gain access to a large nationwide network of full-time technical sales managers providing unmatched local support and service to augment the consistent, high-quality performance of our products.

Incorporating industry standards and recommendations in project specifications, as well as evaluating/selecting appropriate products for projects, are only components to achieving an effective vapor barrier system. The fact is, without a proper installation the first time, moisture problems can still occur and fixing the problem after concrete placement can be extremely costly.

Stego Installation Support is a no-cost service designed to help achieve an effective installation and add value for project teams. 

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Stego Installation Support - where our industry leading experts back up the high quality of our products.

Support Available

  • Provide full submittal documentation, including data sheets, testing certification, CAD details, BIM objects, LEED data sheets, physical samples, etc.
  • Participation in pre-installation conference (by phone or in-person) with design and construction teams to discuss the barrier membrane installation and unique project characteristics.
  • Technical support in the form of cost/benefit analysis of potential solutions to assist in solving even the most challenging project conditions.
  • Advanced training for project teams (installing crew, designers, owners, inspectors) to walkthrough installation standard guidelines and project-specific details.
  • Review of representative portions of the Stego barrier membrane installation (digitally or in-person, when possible) prior to concrete placement to help ensure compliance with governing installation standard, ASTM E1643, and Contract Documents.
  • Letter from Stego Industries (available upon request) to document installation review (in the manner described above) and consistency with governing installation standard, ASTM E1643.
  • Stego Installation Checklist.

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