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Pango® Bond

Multi-Purpose Sealant

Pango Bond is a two-component epoxy sealant that is a proven physical termite barrier. It is an ideal accessory to efficiently and effectively seal pipe penetrations and to seal Pango Wrap to foundation constructions. 



Its many features include:

  • 4 Gallon Kit size: Two 1-gallon cans of Part A (Resin) and two 1-gallon cans of Part B (Hardener)
  • Non-sag, 100% solids, semi-rigid epoxy sealant
  • Physical termite barrier
  • Made in the USA with US and global materials
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As a non-sag epoxy, Pango Bond is primarily used to seal Pango Wrap to foundation constructions as well as to seal slab penetrations. Used in conjunction with Pango Term Bar, Pango Bond provides a robust seal to foundation constructions. When used to seal slab penetrations Pango Bond is used in conjunction with Pango Claw to provide a quick and effective seal.

Green construction codes such as the National Green Building Standard (NGBS or ICC 700) are moving the market towards more sustainable protection methods for termite control. As a physical barrier, Pango Bond is aligned with the principles of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to termite protection.

Pango Wrap is Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified. Four points can be earned from the NGBS under Termite Barrier (602.1.5) where a continuous physical foundation termite barrier with low toxicity and no chemical treatments are installed in geographical areas with subterranean termite infestation potential.

APPLICABLE STANDARDS American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM):

  • ASTM D2240:Test Method for Rubber Property – Durometer Hardness
  • ASTM D638: Tensile Strength
  • ASTM D638: Tensile Elongation %
  • ASTM F1249: Water Vapor Permeance

Physical Properties:

  • Coverage: 96 ft2 @ 60-mils/kit
  • VOC Content: 1 g/l
  • Volume: 4-Gallon Kit (two 1-gallon cans of Part A, and two 1-gallon cans of Part B)
  • Elongation: 95-105%
  • Tensile Strength: 800 psi
  • Shore A Hardness: 80-90 
  • Water Vapor Permeance: 0.015 @ 60 mils

Additional Benefits:

    • Alternate to boots for pipe penetrations in Pango Wrap
    • Quick seals around penetrations
    • Non-sag formulation for sealing vertically to concrete 
    • Independent termite barrier efficacy testing
    • Available nationwide
Installation, Warranty and State Approval Information
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Stego has the accessories you need to complete an ASTM E1643-compliant installation. Pango Tape, Pango Bond, Pango Sealant, Pango Sealant Form, Pango Term Bar, and Pango Claw enable efficient termite/vapor barrier installations, saving time and resources.


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