Stego is excited about new changes we’ve made to the packaging and identification of our flagship product, STEGO WRAP. We believe these changes will make it easier for you to identify STEGO WRAP correctly, every time.


All rolls of STEGO WRAP are enclosed in a plastic outer wrap with the STEGO WRAP logo printed on each.
Each individual roll of STEGO WRAP is stamped with our logo in the interior of the roll core.
All rolls of STEGO WRAP have a continuous imprint of the STEGO WRAP logo printed directly on the vapor barrier/retarder.
We have taken these steps for two important reasons.

Ease of Identification for
Distributors and Contractors:

These changes to our packaging and identification will make it easier to identify STEGO WRAP when it is specified for a project. Contractors can also quickly verify every roll of vapor barrier on their job site is what was specified and what they need to protect their slabs from moisture diffusion and soil gases.

Protection for Our Stakeholders
Against Liability from Misidentified Products:

Our new packaging and identification should also provide you peace of mind that you have in your hands the most-specified vapor barrier in the United States. This ensures no copycat or counterfeit products show up on a job site that could expose you to liability if an incorrectly-identified product fails.


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