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Stego® Crete Claw® TAPE 3"

USES: Stego Crete Claw is a multilayered tape that is used to seal Stego Wrap to the perimeter of the slab while the concrete is placed. Crete Claw allows wet concrete to cast into the textured top surface to form a mechanical bond/seal.

COMPOSITION: Stego Crete Claw is composed of polyethylene film, aperture film, and an acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive.

SIZE: Stego Crete Claw (3” Wide) is 3” wide and 180’ long. Stego Crete Claw (3” Wide) ships 16 rolls in a case.

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Stego has the accessories you need to complete an ASTM E1643-compliant installation. Stego Tape, Stego Mastic, Stego Crete Claw Tape and StegoTack Tape enable efficient vapor barrier installations, saving time and resources.


Stego Tape

A low permeance tape designed for use...

Stego Mastic

Stego Mastic

A liquid applied vapor retardant membrane...


Stego Crete Claw Tape

A multi-layered tape...



A double-sided adhesive strip used to bond...

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