What Is ASTM E1745: Understanding the Standard and Its Classifications

Download Now: Free ASTM E1745 Guide

Demystifying the Key Requirements and Performance Metrics for Effective Below-Slab Vapor Retarders

Your Guide to Navigating the IRC Building Code Changes to Vapor Retarders

Download Now: Free Code Change Guide

Strategies for Material Selection, Project Planning, and Compliance Under the 2021 International Residential Code*

The 3 Critical Problems with Generic Poly Plastic Below a Concrete Slab   

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Why Cheap, Commodity "Visqueen" May Cost You More In the Long Run


#1 Perimeter Sealing Guide for Below-Slab Vapor Barrier Installation

Download Now: Free Perimeter Sealing Guide

5 Tips and Tricks for Sealing the Terminating Edges of the Vapor Barrier

Efflorescence or Mold? Water Damage in Basements or Crawl Spaces

Download Now: Free StegoCrawl Guide

Understanding and Mitigating Unseen Moisture Issues in Your Home

Is the Flooring Above Your Crawl Space Cupping or Warping?

Download Now: Free StegoCrawl Guide

Manage Crawl Space Moisture to Protect Your Floor Health

Curling and Warping of Concrete Slabs - 5 Facts You Should Know

Download Now: Free Slab Curl Guide

A Narrative History of the Biggest Myth around Under-Slab Vapor Barriers

Cold Feet? How to Prepare Your Crawl Space for Winter Temperatures

Download Now: Free Winterization Checklist

Make Your Home More Comfortable in the Colder Months with Our Free Crawl Space Winterization Checklist 

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