We believe in the power of attraction and we appreciate the opportunity to share the many blessings of our business in our community and beyond where opportunities arise. Our efforts center on supporting local and domestic ministries that seem to succeed where social programs do not.

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As is typically the case, others have said it far better...

Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve.
You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.
You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.

— Martin Luther King Jr.

I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.
— Kahlil Gibran

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Stego Industries supports COA,

a service-based organization which hosts activities to improve the health of youth in the San Clemente, CA area, with the goal of combating the growing incidents of drug overdoses in the community.  

In addition to monetary support, our employees volunteer their time to help bring drug and alcohol awareness and consequence programs to the children in our area. We also partner with San Clemente High School to support their efforts to curb the number of SCHS alumni who have lost the battle with addiction and mental illness. 

We know that encouraging sobriety and clean fun among our youth is critical to their decision to live healthy lives. Many companies have joined us in supporting COA, such as the passenger crew from Dana Wharf, which recently provided their time, as well as food and drink, for a recent event aimed at spreading awareness for creating an alliance to help improve the lives of our youth, and in turn, save lives. 

Please contact COA if you would like to become a volunteer or sponsor, or would like more information about their services.

COA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit service. 


Committed to serving our community.