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Set It & Forget It!

With two inches of adjustability, Beast Screed Adjustable Cap can be rotated up or down to ensure an accurate fixed elevation and more accurate FL numbers than common wet-screeding. Beast Screed Adjustable Cap is one of three necessary components to the Beast Screed System. 

The Beast Screed System is a fixed-elevation, point-to-point guide screed system designed to replace common wet-screed methods allowing contractors to improve efficiency and maintain concrete floor levelness during the entire screeding process. Beast Screed System consists of 3 unique components:

  • Beast Screed Adjustable Cap
  • Beast Screed Post
  • Beast Screed Foot or Beast Deck Foot



Its many features include:

  • Beast Screed Cap Adjustability – 2” 
  • Locator Antennas
  • Made from 100% virgin Polypropylene 
  • Environmental Factors: Re-usable component 
  • Made in the USA with US and global materials
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APPLICABLE STANDARDS American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM):

  • ASTM E1643: Standard Practice for Selection, Design, Installation, and Inspection of Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Earth or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs
  • Section 7.2: Use reinforcing bar supports with base sections that minimize the potential for puncture of the vapor retarder.
  • Section 7.3: Avoid use of stakes driven through the vapor retarder.

Physical Properties:

  • Beast Screed Adjustable Cap Color: Yellow
  • Beast Screed Cap Adjustability: 2"
  • 100% virgin polypropylene
  • Beast Screed Adjustable Cap Case Pack : 5
  • Package Weight : 0.7 lbs

Additional Benefits:

  • Available nationwide
  • Beast Screed Post and Beast Screed Adjustable Cap are re-usable components
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Bring a whole new level of accuracy to your next job with the simple and revolutionary Beast Concrete Accessories.


Beast® Screed

A fixed-elevation, point-to-point guide screed system designed to replace common wet-screed methods.

Beast Foot

Beast® Foot

Beast Foot includes an engineered peel-and-stick adhesive that is compatible with Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier.


Beast® Hook

A faster, easier way to set 2x4 overhead screeds. The patented Beast Hook is engineered to be re-used over and over again for maximum value.


Beast® Deck Foot

Beast Deck Foot is designed to be substituted for Beast Foot so concrete placement crews can utilize the Beast Screed System on elevated deck pours.

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