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Simple and Flexible Detailing Piece

Drago Sealant Form is a flexible, closed-cell polyethylene foam with an acrylic adhesive, designed to be used in conjunction with Drago Sealant. This detail piece allows installers to efficiently and effectively seal around pipe penetrations in Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier by creating a form for Drago Sealant to be poured into.

Its many features include:

  • Highly comformable
  • Easy to trim to desired length allowing for easy installation
  • Excellent adhesion to Drago Wrap


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When ready to install, simply remove the release liner and press Drago Sealant Form firmly against Drago Wrap to secure, ensuring that it is continuously around the entire perimeter of the penetration(s).

Physical Properties:

    • Dimensions: ½” x ½” x 24”
    • Color: White
    • Material: Low-density, closed-cell polyethylene foam with an acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Weight: 0.11 oz (3.1 grams)

Product Benefits:

  • Available nationwide
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Reduces potential waste of Drago Sealant
  • Tested and approved for use with the innovative Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier
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As with any protection system, the installation of Drago Wrap is critical to the system’s effectiveness. Drago Wrap and Drago Accessories make it easy to complete a successful installation. Please refer to the complete Drago Wrap Installation Instructions.

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Drago Wrap

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Drago Tape

A low-permeance tape designed for sealing applications where a highly conformable material is required.

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Drago Sealant

An ideal accessory to efficiently and effectively seal multiple pipe penetrations in close proximity.


DragoTack Tape

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