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Pango Wrap termite and Vapor Barrier 

Your 2-in-1
Solution for Below-Slab Protection

"Termites cause more damage to U.S. homes than tornadoes, hurricanes, wind and hail storms combined”" - www.termites.com

Pango® Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier is a physical barrier against Formosan termites and moisture vapor. Through patented and trade secret processes, Pango Wrap combines uniquely designed barrier materials with the flexibility and strength of extruded, high-performance polyolefin film into an easy-to-install, physical barrier against subterranean termites.

Pango Wrap

Pango Wrap combines low permeance, high strength, and longevity to deliver a revolutionary solution to the construction industry.

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Pango Wrap Provides a Sustainable** and Effective Solution for the Market.

Home Innovation

Not only does Pango Wrap provide a barrier that protects your home against unwanted termites, it prevents moisture vapor from causing damage to building components, and greatly impedes the influx of soil gases like radon and methane.

Green construction codes such as the National Green Building Standard (NGBS or ICC 700) are moving the market towards more sustainable protection methods for termite control.

Pango Wrap is Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified. Four points can be earned for the NGBS under Termite Barrier (602.1.5) where a continuous physical foundation termite barrier with low toxicity and no chemical treatments are installed in geographical areas with subterranean termite infestation potential. Pango Wrap is safe for the environment.**

**Stego-defined terms defined at www.stegoindustries.com/legal

Why Choose Pango Wrap?

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Extensive Testing Checkmark

Tested - Proven Effectiveness

Independent, university testing proved the effectiveness of Pango Wrap as a barrier against Formosan termites, the most aggressive subterranean species. For more information on our independent testing, please contact Stego Industries Technical Department CLICK HERE.


with Pango's Line of Accessory Products

Pango® Tape

A low-permeance tape designed for protective sealing, hanging, seaming, splicing, and patching applications where a highly conformable material is required. It has been engineered to bond specifically to Pango Wrap, making it ideal for sealing Pango Wrap seams and penetrations.

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Pango Claw®

A multi-layered tape that is used to seal Pango Wrap along its terminating edges (interior and perimeter) to the slab while the concrete is placed. Pango Claw allows wet concrete to cast into the textured top surface to form a mechanical bond/seal.

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Tucson Architect
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to Protect His Forever

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