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USES: Beast Deck Foot is designed to be substituted for Beast Foot so concrete placement crews can utilize the Beast Screed System on elevated deck pours. This allows concrete contractors the same advantages the Beast Screed System brings to slab-on-grade pours; a point-to-point guide screed system designed to replace common wet-screed methods, a visual fixed indicator to determine proper concrete depth while placing concrete, overall improved efficiency for the placement crew, and no more relying on undependable cow patties or wet pads.

COMPOSITION: Beast Deck Foot is one component of a 3-component screed system; Beast Screed. The system consists of three unique components, Beast Deck Foot, Beast Screed Post, and Beast Screed Adjustable Cap. Beast Deck Foot and Beast Screed Adjustable Cap are made from 100% virgin polypropylene. Beast Screed Post is made from recycled and virgin polypropylene.


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    • Determine where to locate Beast Screed based on the size bay (or strip) you desire.
    • Attach Beast Deck Foot to the wood or metal deck by using a screw or nails through one or more of the pre-drilled holes.
    • Cut the Beast Screed Post on the kerf line best suited for the designed depth of the slab.
    • Attach Beast Screed Adjustable Cap to Beast Screed Post.
    • Insert Beast Screed Post and Beast Screed Adjustable Cap into the press-fit center hub of Beast Deck Foot.
    • Using a laser level and check rod or grade rod, rotate Beast Screed Adjustable Cap up or down to the proper elevation, or set Beast Screed Adjustable Cap for the desired depth of concrete you intend to pour.
    • Once the concrete is placed around Beast Screed, hand float a level pad around, and at the same elevation as Beast Screed, and use the pad as your elevation guide, or screed directly over the top of the Adjustable Cap.
    • Following the final screed pass, remove Beast Screed Adjustable Cap and Beast Screed Post. For additional information, please refer to Beast Screed’s complete installation instructions.

Review Beast’s complete installation instructions prior to installation.

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