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Gas Barrier Tape

DragoSeal Tape is a critical component to the Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier System. Combining a solvent-resistant, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the same barrier technology as Drago Wrap, it is an ideal accessory for completing a fully intact installation. DragoSeal Tape is a multi-purpose tape designed for sealing, seaming, splicing, and patching, and is ideal for sealing Drago Wrap seams. 

Its many features include:

  • Exceptional initial tack and long-term adhesion
  • Extensive, independent testing for hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents
  • Extremely low water vapor permeance


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DragoSeal Tape is engineered to bond specifically to Drago Wrap. With both great initial tack and long-term adhesion, this barrier tape effectively secures seams and seals pipe penetrations.

APPLICABLE STANDARDS American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM):  

  • ASTM D2240: Test Method for Rubber Property – Durometer Hardness
  • ASTM F1249: Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Modulated Infrared Sensor
  • ASTM D471: ASTM D471: Test Method for Rubber Property – Effect of Liquids
  • ASTM D543: Standard Practices for Evaluating the Resistance of Plastics to Chemical Reagents

Physical Properties:

  • Total Thickness: 26 mils
  • Dimensions: 4" x 50'
  • Water Vapor Permeance: <0.02 perms
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Engineered film and synthetic rubber blend
  • Installation Temperature: 40°F/110°F
  • In service Temperature Range: -20°F/140°F
  • Chemical Resistance: No significant change

Product Benefits:

  • Available nationwide
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Tested and approved for use with the innovative Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier
Installation and Warranty Information
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As with any protection system, the installation of Drago Wrap is critical to the system’s effectiveness. Drago Wrap and Drago Accessories make it easy to complete a successful installation. Please refer to the complete Drago Wrap Installation Instructions.


Drago Wrap

Provides a high-performing solution to transform brownfield sites into healthy built environments.

DragoTack Tape

DragoTack Tape

With a flexible and moldable substrate, DragoTack Tape can be used in a variety of applications and installations.

Drago Mastic

Drago Mastic

Used for sealing utility, pipe penetrations, and sealing terminating edges.

Drago Sealant Pour into Form with Multiple Pipes

Drago Sealant

An ideal accessory to efficiently and effectively seal multiple pipe penetrations in close proximity.

Drago Sealant Form

Drago Sealant Form

Allows for an efficient and effective seal around pipe penetrations in Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier.

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