Stego Wrap — Material Ingredient Disclosure and Healthier Buildings

The industry's first and only below-slab vapor barrier HPD that directly contributes to LEED

What is an HPD?

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) provides building product manufacturers a standard way to report material ingredient content and potential associated health hazards. Likewise, it provides building designers, owners, and construction firms a consistent template, which is helpful when reviewing products’ health impact information. As such, HPDs have become one of the most utilized industry-established reporting tools for ingredient disclosure of building materials. This transparent sharing of information is important for the industry as it allows for better informed product decisions to be made with the goal of creating healthier buildings.


Does it Help Make our Buildings Healthier?

Yes! An important element of the HPD is a hazard screening of the substances in a product and a listing of any potential health hazards. It's a valuable tool we have used to help formulate the following important conclusions:


Stego Wrap contains no intentional  ingredients with known human health hazards.


Stego Wrap is an inert, safe product that will not pose a health risk to building occupants or construction workers.


The Stego Wrap system plays a critical role in the overall durability, efficiency, health, and other sustainability goals of buildings. 

The sub-slab environment can be a significant source of soil gases, including water vapor and radon gas. The ingress of these gases can lead to concerns with indoor air quality, damage/replacement of building materials (i.e. flooring and concrete), as well as considerations with energy efficiency. Stego Wrap is the industry’s most trusted below-slab vapor barrier solution, providing Life of the Building™ protection from water vapor diffusion.


What has Stego Done?

Stego Industries was an HPD Pilot Manufacturer and worked closely with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) during the development of the HPD Open Standard. We subsequently became one of the first manufacturers in the industry to publish an HPD and have continued our support as a Member of the HPDC. Although there are a number of material content disclosure options for manufactures, we gravitated to the HPD as an easy-to-use, reliable, and consistent reporting tool.

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How Can Project Teams Use the Stego Wrap HPD?

The Stego Wrap HPD provides a useful tool for project teams to identify Stego Wrap as a safe product for their buildings. Beyond that, the Stego Wrap HPD allows for a direct contribution to LEEDv4 and v4.1 credit for material ingredient disclosure (MRc: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Materials Ingredients). In fact, Stego Wrap is the first and only below-slab vapor barrier that provides a direct contribution to a LEED credit.

Moreover, the Stego Wrap HPD may also contribute to the Material Transparency credit in the WELL Building Standard. The Stego Wrap HPD may also be useful as supplementary documentation for Living Building Challenge project requirements for Red List Free materials.

What else are we doing?

The work does not stop, however, with our products. Stego intends to “walk the walk” in our industry and in our business activities with a variety of corporate sustainability efforts:

  • 100% solar power since 2010, producing roughly 288 megawatt-hours of clean solar electricity in just the past seven years
  • Offsetting company air travel with the purchase of carbon offsets
  • Serving as a pilot manufacturer in the Health Product Declaration Collaborative since its inception, contributing to the open standard with the goal of material transparency
  • Providing our employees a vehicle purchase incentive to upgrade their work-use vehicles to more efficient choices
  • A dedicated Wellness Program to ensure employees, families, and community are living happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives

More information can also be found on Mindful Materials, HPD Repository, and Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog.

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