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Breakthrough Termite Barrier Offers a Green Solution

The Challenge

Termites are Arizona’s number one urban pest according to the University of Arizona. By some accounts, ground zero for Arizona’s termite infestation is Tucson, harboring an estimated 12 to 18 colonies per acre. While termite prevention isn’t always required by code, mortgage lenders routinely require a termiticide treatment (e.g. bait, sprays or barriers) as a condition of a loan.

It’s a common-sense step in areas battling termite problems, but with just one hitch: “It’s not always effective.”

“Out here it’s not a matter of if you’re going to get termites in your house,” says John Carson, president of family-owned and operated Optimum Concrete, a 56-year-old, Tucson-based concrete construction contractor. “It’s when.” Carson’s firm pours residential footings, stem walls, and floors, so his crews often see the exterminating company pre-treat the home before the vapor barrier is installed and slab poured.  

“I belong to a Tucson business club,” Carson continues. “One of the members is a pest exterminator. He says termiticides are basically ineffective, but they inject them into the ground anyway because they help a little bit.” This modest level of chemical prevention is sometimes viewed with alarm by families with children and pets.  Even if the proper dosage and installation methods are followed, all spray chemicals will lose their effectiveness over time.  With below-slab protection, you only get one chance to do it right.   

Meanwhile, termites continue their relentless assault. Today, termites are the top risk to U.S. homes, more so than fire, flood, and wind damage.

The Solution

Pango Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier


One of Carson’s recent customers is a retired architect building his “forever home.” Leaving nothing to chance, the architect painstakingly specified all building materials, including termite prevention. Instead of the usual chemical treatment, the owner opted for an environmentally-safe, independently-tested solution called Pango Wrap brought to market by Stego Industries, makers of the widely-specified Stego® Wrap Vapor Barrier.  Pango Wrap is not a pesticide, rather it is a physical barrier to termites and utilizes the strength of the material to exclude termites.

Pango Wrap is a real value for home builders,” says Dennis Keane, Stego Regional Manager. “It doubles as a termite barrier and a vapor barrier making it a real time and money saver.”

This breakthrough termite-stopper acts as a vapor barrier and installs nearly identical to one. “We’ve installed many vapor barriers. Pango Wrap installed nearly the same way, other than the penetrations,” reports Carson. Thanks to termites’ ability to exploit any opening, all pipe, ducting, rebar, wire penetrations, and block-outs require extra wrapping care. “Otherwise installation was business as usual,” Carson says. “The Stego people came down on the date of the install and supervised everything. They were great to work with.”


The Results


Your 2-in-1 Solution for Termite and Vapor Protection | Image Source: Stego Industries, LLC.

Entomologists at Louisiana State University conducted comparison tests of generic polyethylene control wrap with Pango Wrap. They subjected both wraps to “heavy termite pressure” and found the termites destroyed the generic wrap while Pango Wrap showed no signs of harm, proving superior effectiveness.

It’s expected the Tucson home will perform similarly. In fact, Stego’s five-year limited warranty** guarantees it. For the architect/owner, Pango Wrap represents precisely what he wanted: a non-toxic**, sustainable, and effective means to exclude termites from below the slab.

Home builders have been looking for a green** solution for homeowners concerned with termites, pesticides, and moisture damage,” says Keane. “Pango Wrap addresses all three.”

As with any protection solution, the installation of Pango Wrap is critical to the solution’s effectiveness. Pango Wrap and Pango accessories make it easy to complete a successful installation. To learn more about the game-changing Pango Wrap Termite and Vapor Barrier system, contact us to get in touch with the nearest Stego representative.*


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Ryan Goodwin

Written by Ryan Goodwin

Ryan Goodwin is the Pango® Product Manager at Stego Industries, LLC. He has been a part of the Stego team for over fifteen years with previous roles as the Regional Manager and Regional Director for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. As the Pango Product Manager, Ryan was a part of the team that developed Pango Wrap. Ryan appreciates working with design professionals, pest management professionals, and contractors to promote Integrated Pest Management practices and sustainable solutions for pest control.

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