A collection of leading building product manufacturers working collaboratively to transform the sustainable materials marketplace


What is the Living Product 50?

The group's collective vision is a world in which healthy building materials— products whose manufacturers provide full ingredient disclosure and are committed to continued optimization and innovation— become the industry standard rather than the exception. Getting there requires a holistic understanding of building products and their impacts on human, environmental, social, and ecosystem health. Even more, this ambitious goal necessitates utilizing a powerful common voice and shared practices to affect industry-wide progress.

The LP50 members are not only committed to leading by example; they are working to engage with and educate other members of the value chain: design professionals, contractors, suppliers, and our own teams. Widening the circle and closing the loop on meaningful action is the key to accelerated market transformation.




What is Stego Doing?

Stego is an active member of the Living Product 50 and, although we are still very much navigating this sustainability journey, we have put some key LP50 commitments into action:

  • We are investing in product transparency measures and programs: Stego was a Pilot Manufacturer of the HPD Collaborative and has continued support of this material transparency tool as an HPDC Sponsor. Stego Wrap is the first and only below-slab vapor barrier with an HPD that provides chemical inventory disclosure to the 1,000ppm threshold required by LEED and other green building certification programs.
  • We are using common product database platforms to make it easier to specify products with preferable environmental and health attributes. Design and construction teams can find Stego products on Mindful Materials and Sustainable Minds.


  • We are educating internally at our company, and externally across our supply chains, about the importance of transparency and sustainable products. We have regular sustainability-related training for our team and have used the LP50 Supplier Letter and webinar opportunities to bring our suppliers into the conversation.
  • We are working to better understand and develop processes for incorporating sustainability into manufacturing and material selection.



What Are Project Teams Doing?

A growing number of industry-leading design firms (as well as contractors and owners) have in turn committed to making their product choices and specifications align with these shared goals towards healthier and better buildings. Read more about the Materials Pledge and consider signing here.

It is this important action of clearly showing that sustainability matters in building products that will continue to transform the market.

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Building Product Transparency and Sustainability – Closing the Loop
By Tom Marks | 11/9/2020

The Construction Industry's Evolution in Evaluating and Selecting Better Building Materials

HPD - Health Product Declaration

Stego Wrap — Material Ingredient Disclosure and Healthier Buildings - The industry's first and only below-slab vapor barrier HPD that directly contributes to LEED

The Living Product 50 (LP50)

A collaboration of leading manufacturers working to ensure that healthy, high performing building materials with full ingredient transparency are the rule, not the exception.