Physical Termite Barrier Installation at New Ronald McDonald House

Stego Industries supports Ronald McDonald House® by donating two-in-one termite and vapor barrier, Pango Wrap, to a new build location.

2018-10-23 Pango Case Study - RMHC San Antonio (Final)-V2


The latest installment of Stego's video case studies series takes us to San Antonio, where Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Koehler Company are building the organization's fourth facility in the area to house critically ill or injured children and their families while they receive medical care.

Stego Technology, LLC donated Pango Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier for the project to protect the building's foundation from water vapor and termites.

Video Transcript

ZACK DUNNAM, Stego Industries: We’re out here on site today in San Antonio for the Ronald McDonald House. We’re really excited about this project.

GREG JOHNSON, The Koehler Company: The Koehler Company is a general contractor out of Seguin, Texas. We have been in business in the commercial end for 47 years. This is our fourth Ronald McDonald we’re building.

PAT BIVIN, Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio: The conception of building a fourth Ronald McDonald House in San Antonio really started probably five years ago, because we were turning away families nightly because of lack of space. And when you answer the door here and there’s a desperate family who has just been sent to San Antonio with a critically ill or injured child and you have to tell them you don’t have a place for them to stay and you see the tears in their eyes, it really rips at your heart.

GRAPHIC: Stego Technology, LLC donated Pango Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier for the project, installed by Worldwide Pest Control of San Antonio.

DUNNAM: Pango is a two-in-one product: Pango being two-in-one – you’re protecting against termites, it’s a physical barrier to termites as well as a true vapor barrier according to ACI 302.2-R06 and .01 perms.

GRAPHIC: Worldwide Pest Control took great care to comply with ASTM E1643 in their installation, focusing on penetrations and other points of access for termites.

DUNNAM: 1643 states to install a true vapor barrier, you follow that installation standard. A little bit different with termites: the only difference is in regard to the actual penetrations. A little more detail in that, we actually require a pipe collar per manufacturers instructions. The install went really well. We’re really satisfied with the way that Chad and his crew have worked. Worldwide Pest Control worked with us all the way, even with the weather setbacks we’ve had. But we’re finally able to get on the job site and get it taken care of.”

GRAPHIC: Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio relies on companies like Stego for in-kind donations of time and materials, along with a capital campaign to raise funds in their community.

BIVIN: We expect our new facility, which will be a 21-bedroom facility, to serve approximately another 800 families a year in San Antonio, so that will make a huge difference and we won’t have to see those families at our door looking for a place to stay.”

JOHNSON: I have worked with the Ronald McDonald House projects for over 20 years. Me and Pat have become very close friends and I enjoy working on these projects. There’s very little tension involved in them. They go smoothly, they’re well drawn, and I enjoy the work.

BIVIN: We have a great contractor – the Koehler Company built this house and they have been wonderful to work with and they have been very good about getting in touch with some of their suppliers and people they work with on a regular basis and reaching out to them to see if they’ll give us discounted rates or if they’ll do some of the work for free or supply some of the products that are needed for free. And those kind of resources – that kind of help – is absolutely essential for us to move forward and complete our project.”

DUNNAM: “Of course this is an awesome experience to have Stego donate this actual material for this project for the Ronald McDonald House. There’s gonna be families staying with their children in this facility and we know there’s 100% protection against both moisture vapor and termites.

BIVIN: “What I’d like to say to all of the suppliers, contractors – all those kinds of people – you make your living from your community and your surrounding communities from people who do business with you. And I have found through the years working with people all these years at the Ronald McDonald House, that when you give back to the community, it comes back to you tenfold.”

DUNNAM: Stego has been awesome. Not only from my personal standpoint for working for the company but also from their giving atmosphere that they have to reach out to projects such as this and donate material to make sure you have a better, healthier environment inside of the building envelope.


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Dave Kartunen

Written by Dave Kartunen

Dave Kartunen manages public relations for Stego Industries. He is a national award-winning newscaster and journalism lecturer.

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