Stego® Accessory Line Gets New Look


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Stego Industries, LLC, the construction industry leader in below-slab barrier solutions, announced Monday updates to its innovative line of sealing accessories for its flagship line of STEGO® WRAP vapor barriers and retarders.

Notably, Stego has enhanced the color and markings on two specific installation accessories:

  • STEGO® CRETE CLAW® TAPE (6” and 3” rolls) – Stego’s patented perimeter sealing solution now comes in black, with the product logo printed directly onto the material throughout each roll and on the interior roll core. The black color allows installers to differentiate their perimeter seal from red STEGO® TAPE used along the seams of their vapor barrier installation.

  • STEGO® TERM BAR – Stego’s semiflexible plastic termination bar now comes in a gray color. This new product color further differentiates accessory products in the Stego line, allowing installers to see a clear contrast between their seam tape, perimeter seal and termination bars.


These new product colors and identifiers do not change the performance of any product, but do help further identify authentic Stego products.


“Stego has always been committed to innovation, from the invention of Crete Claw to these new updates,” said Stego President Michael R. Tucker. “These changes may seem simple but reflect our effort to continually help our customers develop a total system design to their below-slab protection course, while making their installation easier in the process.”

The changes come on the heels of Stego’s introduction in January of printed product identifiers on every roll of Stego Wrap vapor barriers and retarders, including product logos printed in two columns directly on the plastic film.

By also printing the Stego Crete Claw logo directly onto each roll of the perimeter sealing accessory, Stego is continuing its mission to protect designers, specifiers and contractors against counterfeit or lookalike products which may not deliver the same level of below-slab water vapor protection.

“Our stakeholders specify Stego Wrap for its performance and reputation,” said Stego Industries Founder and CEO Paul J. Blasdel. “We want them to have confidence in every roll of Crete Claw, and this new product identifier allows anyone on a job site to quickly verify its authenticity.”

Stego Wrap vapor barriers and vapor retarders are sold through a distribution network across North America and internationally. Project teams interested in more information about the new product safeguards can contact their local Stego representative.








STEGO INDUSTRIES, LLC is a leader in the below-slab vapor barrier industry. The most-specified vapor barrier in the United States, Stego earned this distinction across North America by earning the respect, trust, and recommendation of the design, engineering and construction communities. Our game-changing barrier solutions are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable and healthy buildings. Stego Industries provides science-based solutions, field-tested results, and strategic speed to market from its 100% solar-powered headquarters in San Clemente, California.

Dave Kartunen

Written by Dave Kartunen

Dave Kartunen manages public relations for Stego Industries. He is a national award-winning newscaster and journalism lecturer.

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