Stego® Introduces 20-Ounce Sausage Tube for Stego Mastic


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Stego Industries, LLC released its newest installation accessory Friday, the STEGO MASTIC 20-OUNCE SAUSAGE TUBE, delivering another innovation to the concrete construction industry to seal their building foundations from the harmful effects of the below-slab environment.

Stego Mastic Sausage Tubes are ideal for vapor barrier repairs and smaller installations, sealing penetrations that may not require a full pail of Stego Mastic, which is currently sold in two and five-gallon pails. The new sausage tubes increase yield and reduce waste. The empty tubes can also be recycled.

“We are always working to innovate new ways to make our below-slab barrier technologies more effective, more sustainable, and easier to install,” said Stego Technical Director Dan Marks. “Stego Mastic Sausage Tubes deliver each of these values to our stakeholders to improve upon our industry-leading protection of their next project.”

Using the sausage tubes with an applicator gun allows for faster application and greater precision around one of the most difficult details of any vapor barrier installation: the pipe penetrations on the project site. Where multiple pipes are close together, the sausage tube and applicator gun allow for easier and total sealing around the edges and in between each of the pipes involved. 

Stego Mastic is a medium-viscosity, water-based, polymer-modified anionic bituminous/asphalt emulsion and a true vapor barrier that helps create a monolithic membrane between the building envelope and the below-slab environment. The result protects the concrete slab and building from the harmful below-slab environment and its higher relative humidity (water vapor) and other possible soil gases.

“The concrete construction industry knows where to turn when it needs a new solution,” said Stego Industries CEO and Founder Paul J. Blasdel. “Stego’s technical department works tirelessly to innovate and develop new systems, then rigorously test those systems to ensure our stakeholders always get the best our industry has to offer.”

Stego Mastic 20-Ounce Sausage Tubes can be found throughout Stego Industries’ international network of distributors.

Download your own copy: Stego News Release | 7-12-2018 Stego Mastic Sausage Tubes


2018-08-20 Stego Mastic Sausage Pack Installation Instructions






STEGO INDUSTRIES, LLC is a leader in the below-slab vapor barrier industry. The most-specified vapor barrier in the United States, Stego earned this distinction across North America by earning the respect, trust, and recommendation of the design, engineering and construction communities. Our game-changing barrier solutions are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable and healthy buildings. Stego Industries provides science-based solutions, field-tested results, and strategic speed to market from its 100% solar-powered headquarters in San Clemente, California.

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Written by Dave Kartunen

Dave Kartunen manages public relations for Stego Industries. He is a national award-winning newscaster and journalism lecturer.

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