Stego® Unrolls New Product Identifiers


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Stego Industries, LLC, the construction industry leader in below-slab barrier materials, unveiled a new series of printed product identifiers on its signature line of STEGO® WRAP vapor barriers and retarders on Monday.

Collectively, these new safeguards will ensure Stego Wrap products, protected by a first-of-its-kind Life of the Building™ warranty, are on specified projects while also protecting the design and construction communities against counterfeit and lookalike products which may not deliver the same level of below-slab water vapor protection as Stego Wrap.

Newly-Inventoried rolls of Stego Wrap will feature:


  • Stego Logo and Website Printed Directly on the Film
    Every roll of Stego Wrap that goes to market will now include the Stego logo and website information printed in two columns directly on the plastic film. This product identification will allow any contractor, designer or other stakeholder to quickly authenticate their specified product on any job site.
  • Stego Wrap Logo Printed on the Interior of Every Roll Core
    Each roll core that unfurls our vapor barriers and retarders on a job site will have its own identifier: the Stego logo printed on the interior of the roll core. This will allow anyone on a job site to demonstrate the specified product was installed, even after concrete is placed over the membrane.
  • Printed Shroud and Product Packaging
    Every roll of Stego Wrap vapor barrier and retarder will come packaged in a plastic shroud with the Stego logo printed on it. This will allow project managers to quickly authenticate the product being delivered to their job site before it is time to install
“Design teams, contractors and other stakeholders committed to healthier, more durable and sustainable buildings want to know that the below-slab barrier installed on their project is authentic,” said Stego Industries President Michael R. Tucker. “Stego Wrap vapor barriers and retarders are specified for a reason – no one can match our level of performance, installation support and product warranty.”
Stego Wrap vapor barriers and retarders are the most specified in North America and protect some of the most sensitive building projects of the last 20 years. These highly-engineered films are continuously tested for their water vapor permeance, tensile strength and puncture resistance – both before and after conditioning – to deliver the highest levels of protection for building foundations against the volatile below-slab environment.
Included in their installation is access to Stego Installation Support, a no-cost service that includes job site reviews to ensure that the product specified is authenticated on your project site. The review also verifies the material is installed according to the current industry standards.
“With these new safeguards, Stego is demonstrating its commitment and priority to product authentication,” said Stego Industries Founder and CEO Paul J. Blasdel. “We stake our reputations on the quality of our products and then warranty them for the Life of the Building. Our customers can feel more comfortable knowing it says STEGO WRAP on every roll we bring to market.”
Stego Wrap vapor barriers and vapor retarders are sold through a distribution network across North America and internationally. Project teams interested in more information about the new product safeguards can contact their local Stego representative.





STEGO INDUSTRIES, LLC is a leader in the below-slab vapor barrier industry. The most-specified vapor barrier in the United States, Stego earned this distinction across North America by earning the respect, trust, and recommendation of the design, engineering and construction communities. Our game-changing barrier solutions are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable and healthy buildings. Stego Industries provides science-based solutions, field-tested results, and strategic speed to market from its 100% solar-powered headquarters in San Clemente, California.

Dave Kartunen

Written by Dave Kartunen

Dave Kartunen manages public relations for Stego Industries. He is a national award-winning newscaster and journalism lecturer.

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