Stego Celebrates and Shares Commitments on Earth Day 2021

Our Collective Action Makes a Difference

Happy Earth Day from Stego Industries!

Earth Day reflects a worldwide desire to preserve and protect our planet. A day that reminds us that our collective effort, no matter the size, truly makes a difference.

After witnessing the devastation of a disastrous oil spill in California, individuals joined forces to create a day committed to environmental consciousness. On April 22, 1969, nearly 20 million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day.

Over 50 years later, Earth Day has become one of the most remarkable days of environmental action in history. With individuals participating all over the world, this day marks a tremendous opportunity to engage with our community and celebrate our planet through action.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a company, Stego wants to bring innovation and integrity to everything we do, including how our business impacts people and our planet. In honor of Earth Day, we want to share what we are doing this year and every day to make our impact positive.

Since 2013, Stego Industries has offset the carbon emissions of company-wide air travel each year. These carbon offset purchases have helped fund a range of projects, including landfill gas recapture projects.

This year the purchase has helped fund forest management projects in California, Stego’s home state, and one that has been devastated by fires. This project will have both environmental and community impact through wildlife habitat diversity and soil conservation, but also education and development of forest products.

The purchase of carbon offsets is a relatively simple, yet substantive corporate sustainability measure. We are proud of how a sustainability program like this can align with a real-world solution, especially one that hits close to home. Yet, we know there is always more to work towards. The Stego Footprint Project generally represents our holistic approach to corporate sustainability. Stego Footprint Project efforts include:

  • Operating Stego headquarters on 100% solar power since 2010  
  • A fuel efficiency incentive program  
  • A sustainable catering guide – as a trusted advisor, Stego provides hundreds of continuing education presentations every year  
  • Supporter and sponsor of many progressive industry-leading groups, including Health Product Declaration Collaborative, USGBC, Living Product 50, Mindful Materials, Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog, etc.  
  • The well-being of people matters to us - community service, charitable donations, and a supportive and inclusive work culture  

The occasion of Earth Day always provides a great opportunity to reflect on sustainability efforts but should never encompass only one day of work. At Stego, we are committed to operating in a responsible way, and celebrate our nation’s global desire to protect our beautiful planet!





STEGO INDUSTRIES, LLC is a leader in the below-slab vapor barrier industry. The most-specified vapor barrier in the United States, Stego earned this distinction across North America by earning the respect, trust, and recommendation of the design, engineering and construction communities. Our game-changing barrier solutions are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable and healthy buildings. Stego Industries provides science-based solutions, field-tested results, and strategic speed to market from its 100% solar-powered headquarters in San Clemente, California.


Dave Kartunen

Written by Dave Kartunen

Dave Kartunen manages public relations for Stego Industries. He is a national award-winning newscaster and journalism lecturer.

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