Using Stego Wrap Keeps Chavez Concrete On Track During Construction

For three generations, Chavez Concrete has been one of the most trusted names in New Mexico. As one of the state’s oldest and largest concrete companies, Chavez knows what it takes to get the job done correctly: dedication, craftsmanship, hands-on leadership, and the ability to select the right tools for the job. When Chavez poured concrete at a Cost Plus World Market® and Bed Bath and Beyond® in Santa Fe, they followed the same steady course and selected Stego® Wrap Vapor Barrier for the project’s below-slab moisture protection.


Cost Plus World Market in Santa Fe | Image Source: Chavez Concrete ©

For the Santa Fe job, Chavez was dealing with a large surface area, given the size and scope of the new stores- over 600 yards of concrete in the same shopping center. With the planned April openings fast approaching, Chavez knew that the correct vapor barrier was essential to getting the job done quickly—and correctly—which is why they relied on Stego® Wrap Vapor Barrier and Stego Tape to provide the vapor barrier they needed.


What Stego Brought to Chavez Concrete

The Project: A Quick Turnaround

Even when pressured by quickly approaching deadlines, it’s important to pay attention to details that are often overlooked, like vapor protection, since below-slab conditions can spur unwanted vapor diffusion from the subgrade and into the slab. Ideally, the vapor barrier chosen will be durable and will meet the ASTM E1745 Class A performance criteria and be easily installed per the procedures outlined in ASTM E1643.

The Solution: Stego Wrap and Stego Tape

Chavez Concrete selected two Stego products that suited their needs for quality and quick turnaround.


Stego Wrap keeps moisture out | Image Source: Stego Industries, LLC. ©

  • Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier (15-Mil): Stego Wrap is the industry leader in below-slab moisture vapor protection. It is an extremely low-permeance under-slab vapor barrier that is as easy to use as it is effective. It provides the kind of long-term moisture protection that companies like Chavez rely upon to build a good reputation. We subject our vapor barrier to a battery of rigorous conditions testing, including cycles of wetting and drying, and exposure to a range of temperatures and simulated conditions to make sure it holds up, and we always exceed the requirements of ASTM E1745 Class A.
  • Stego Tape: Stego Tape is engineered to work perfectly with Stego Wrap, which makes it ideal for sealing any seams or penetrations. It is a low-permeance, pressure-sensitive tape that’s easy to install.
  • Stego Industries also subscribes to all installation procedures outlined in ASTM E1643, a standard practice for selection, design, installation, and inspection of water vapor retarders used in contact with earth or granular fill under concrete slabs.


Stego Wrap and Stego Tape allowed Chavez Construction to meet their deadline | Image Source: Chavez Concrete. ©


Going the Extra Mile for Every Square Foot

Chavez Concrete has used our products many times in the past, and our local team—Dennis Keane, our Southwest Regional Manager, and Dan Marks, Stego’s Technical Director—were available to answer any questions they might have had.

Chavez Concrete had this to say upon completion:

Stego Wrap 15-Mil Vapor Barrier and Stego Tape are easy to work with due to the flexibility of the products. When you have a high-performance vapor barrier and accessories that are easy to work with, it lowers the amount of labor hours used to install the material. World Market/Bed Bath and Beyond was a quick turnaround project in the middle of winter. By using these products, we were able to maintain our schedule with an efficient installation and achieved the project’s specifications in compliance with ASTM E1643.

Mark Chavez

Chavez Concrete

Chavez Concrete was able to meet their deadline. To see how they managed it, watch their great video! We’re pleased that the Stego family of products could play a role in their success. We’re always honored to work with companies like Chavez, whose expertise and dedication also motivate us to make our products—and our service—the very best. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and the highest level of customer support. Connect with us today to see how you can save time while maintaining quality. We look forward to working with you.  

Please watch our video to see why Stego® Wrap and our other groundbreaking products keep our professional customers coming back.



Dan Marks

Written by Dan Marks

Dan Marks was the former Technical Director at Stego Industries, LLC.

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