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Beast® Foot

Beast Foot includes an engineered peel-and-stick adhesive that is compatible with Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier. Beast Foot contains a press-fit center hub for the Beast Screed Post (or nail form stake), as well as a threaded side hub for a threaded nail stake for bracing applications.

BEAST® FOOT - 10 PACK $45.00


When preparing to install interior forms, you would normally use form stakes, but this would require punching holes in the vapor barrier. Repairing these holes once concrete is poured is not feasible. Beast Foot, with its engineered peel-and-stick base, allows the use of blunt-end and threaded nail stakes to be used without puncturing the all-important Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier.

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Pouring concrete is a huge job, and setting interior forms while maintaining vapor integrity is a big part of that. Beast Foot saves the two most valuable commodities in any project: time and money.


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