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All Colorado Radon Crawl Space Encapsulation Project Profile

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All Colorado Radon Protects Developer's Home and Health with StegoCrawl® Encapsulation System

Having spent a career on large commercial development, Mike Coyle knew how to shop a project.

But his latest job was different: identifying a home in Denver where he and his wife planned to settle down. Their search focused around single-level homes attractive for growing older in, but more importantly, somewhere near the hospital where he receives treatment for a lung condition.

This dual level of scrutiny – major construction experience and a critical health concern – had Coyle taking his time to identify properties, subcontractors, and systems that could deliver the quality he was looking for.

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The Project: An Active Radon Mitigation System with Crawl Space Encapsulation


The property Coyle closed on was on his radar for two years: a 2,250 sq. ft. ranch-level home near the hospital in need of a floor-to-ceiling renovation.

The total “gut job” started below the floors; the house featured two separate crawl space areas that present a potential major pathway for water vapor and soil gas diffusion. “I’ve got lung issues, so for me, air quality and radon mitigation are really important,” Coyle said. “How do you keep moisture out of your home or how do you control that moisture?”

Coyle knew Colorado homes were particularly vulnerable to radon. While the Centennial State did not require a radon test to close the
real estate transaction, Coyle had already been shopping subcontractors to install an active radon mitigation system in his home.

The Challenge: Protecting the Indoor Air Quality from the Ground Up 

After careful consideration of subcontractors while evaluating potential properties, Ben Ingalls and his company, All Colorado Radon, stood out, particularly in their comprehensive understanding of both radon mitigation and crawl space encapsulation.


Coyle liked his creativity, but Ingalls also mentioned something no other potential contractor did. “He started talking about the products he used, and he mentioned Stego. Working with large commercial work, we’ve been exposed to Stego for many years,” Coyle said. “I didn’t realize all the other products Stego had for crawl space.”

For more than a decade, All Colorado Radon has been educating homeowners about the danger of radon in the soil beneath their home. According to the EPA, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers in the United States

Mitigating that danger starts with encapsulating the crawl space, and Ingalls learned very quickly the dramatic difference in quality between materials used to seal that space.

“There’s products consumers can buy at your big-box hardware stores that just don’t do the trick. They don’t last,” Ingalls said. “I want to supply the best products to my clients. That search led me to Stego.”

The Solution: All Colorado Radon Optimizes its Installation with StegoCrawl Wrap and Accessories


With experience from large multi-family complexes to single-family crawl spaces, All Colorado Radon’s use of StegoCrawl Wrap Encapsulation System provides them a range of material thicknesses and accessories to optimize every installation.

In the case of the Coyle home, All Colorado Radon could use StegoCrawl five-foot rolls, which are easier to maneuver in a shallower area below the floor joists. StegoTack® Tape provided double-sided adhesive to seal to the walls.

“One of the things professional contractors really like about the StegoCrawl system is the size, the weight and ease of installation they get,” said Tom Marks, Stego Industries Rocky Mountain Regional Manager. “We have a full line of accessories for contractors and installers to complete the installation effectively and efficiently.”

Combined with a fan and insulation, All Colorado Radon’s encapsulation of the crawl space completed an active radon mitigation system for the Coyle home with an added benefit: additional storage space in a clean, dry, and newly conditioned area of the home.

It’s amazing what vapor barrier and insulation will do to that space,Ingalls said. You don’t have that musty smell or mildew or dirtiness in your home. It’s a new, clean room within your home.

Resolution: A Lifetime of Protection Beneath Your Feet


When you walk into Coyle’s newly renovated home, gleaming floors and fresh paint will probably be the first thing to catch your eye. But your other senses are more likely to soak in the cleanliness of the building envelope that came from all Colorado Radon’s encapsulation of the crawl space with StegoCrawl Wrap.

That “new house smell” was no aesthetic feature to Mike Coyle, but instead, a critical health concern.

That’s really important, not only for myself, but for family and others that come into my home – that we have safe good
air quality,
Coyle said.

While the other senses may notice it first, that critical layer of protection will also be seen for as long as the building stands: StegoCrawl is backed by Stego Industries Life of the Building™ Warranty.

Using Stego products, we know that’s going to happen,” Ingalls said. For the life of that home, that product is guaranteed to
do its job and Stego stands behind that warranty."


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Tom Marks

Written by Tom Marks

Tom Marks is the Business Development Project Manager with Stego Industries, LLC. He has been with Stego since 2007, serving many years as the Rocky Mountains Regional Manager. Now, his focus is geared toward vapor barrier solutions for new and existing homes as the Product Manager of the StegoHome and StegoCrawl brands. In addition, Tom serves as Sustainability Manager, overseeing Stego’s leadership in holistic product and corporate sustainability. Tom enjoys working with a wide range of project team members and customers to incorporate effective sub-slab vapor protection and create healthy, sustainable homes and buildings.

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